Run your Apps on the Web
access them from any Device

run your Apps on the Web an make you independant from platform restrictions

Benfits of the WebApp Store
Stop Platform Dependencies
WebApps can be used from every Device that has Internet Access
End-to-End Encryption
Every WebApp is secured by a trusted certificate
Easy to Use
Installing a WebApp is as simple as installing a App on your Phone
Global Accessibilty
Every WebApp is accessible from all around the world
WebApps can be used by multiple users at the same time
Trusted Security
All WebApps run in a secure datacenter in Germany
What is a WebApp

A WebApp is like a Mobile App, it only runs in the browser

Thus, WebApps can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device via a link. This link points to your own app instance running in a server cluster in Düsseldorf (Germany).

Since each WebApp runs as its own instance, you have full control over your WebApp and the data you store in it.

But you don't have to worry about these technical backgrounds, we take care of everything so that you can use your WebApp with pleasure.

Common UseCases

Use Nextcloud to manage Your Data

Nextcloud delivers tight integration of chat, project management, email, calendar and more. Chat messages can be turned directly into tasks, task deadlines are visible in the calendar, and files can be attached to a task via the share dialog.


Use Rocket.Chat to let every Conversation flow

Rocket.Chat is the world's largest open source communcation platform and a great alternative to Slack, because it not only provides a great UI, you can also integrate it in your own App.


Use Wiki.js to make documentation a joy

Wiki.js is the most powerful and extensible open source Wiki software, that lets you write and customize your own Wiki

Popular WebApps
How it works
Browse the Store and find an interesting WebApp

The Store offers a variety of popular open source WebApps. If you miss one, just head to the New menu and read the instructions on how to add a WebApp to the Store.

Install it with one single Click

All WebApps can be installed with a single click. Just give it a name and we will take care of the rest, so you dont need to bother about all the technical details.

Share the Link with your friends

After clicking Install, you will be redirected to the My WebApps page where you can see all the WebApps you have installed. Simply copy the link to your new WebApp and share it with everyone you like.

Enjoy using it

That is all you need to get your new WebApp up and running. You can now use it for yourself, with friends and family, or within your business.

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About me
Hi I'm Jonathan,

I love to break IT stuff down and make it so simple that anyone can use it.

The WebApp Store is a part of my master thesis in which I evaluate it.